Ideas on how to capture source images

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Ideas on how to capture source images

Post by Coopstercoop »

Not been exactly sure where to ask this l, but figured this fit best. Wanting to swap one of me friends into their favourite movie (or at least a couple scenes). I've got some footage & photos, but probably no where near enough.

I figured I'm probably not the first to do this and figured people would have ideas. So, does anyone have any thoughts on ideas on how I can get more footage without raising too many suspicions or how to make do with less?


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Re: Ideas on how to capture source images

Post by torzdf »

Making do with less is pretty much a no-no.

The best way to get lots of images is to record a video. If you can surreptitiously record him, then you can get lots of data.

Preferably in different locations and at different angles.

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Re: Ideas on how to capture source images

Post by bryanlyon »

My advice would be to ask your friend to record a video to another friend who is in on the project.

Images are fine too if you have photos or whatever. Just don't expect photos alone to be enough.

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Re: Ideas on how to capture source images

Post by abigflea »

I used my cell phone to record myself and a friend at arm's length. Silly videos of making faces panning left to right. Extracted all to PNG, took out the blurry and done! Worked pretty well for my first real attempt.
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