What's New ? (suggestion)

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What's New ? (suggestion)

Post by Dan »

Hey All,

Is there a plan for a forum thread that updates or a dedicated page on the official website for "What's New" ?

I'm not a developer and Github could be confusing, also if it will be much clear for newcomers to read about what's new on each update, such as new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Just a suggestion, I hope you'll consider this.
Have a wonderful day and please keep up the good work! :)

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Re: What's New ? (suggestion)

Post by torzdf »

I know a lot of people have requested this, and I probably *should* do it.... but time/money etc....

The best way to see what has changed is look at the git history, although I appreciate that it can be overwhelming/hold a lot of information. I do *try* to keep it as descriptive as possible.

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