How important are non-swappable bodily-features; like face shape and hair color to you in your finished faceswaps?

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How important are non-swappable bodily-features; like face shape and hair color to you in your finished faceswaps?

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-There are a lot of things we can't control for when faceswapping (ignoring who we choose swap), for example: face shape, how much forehead they have, hair style, hair color, heck even their height and weight when the body matters.

So to get a better understanding of what the community is thinking and possible advice for noobies who are just trying out faceswapping, which of these features matter to you for over all believability, and which ones do you tend to ignore?
Obviously in the perfect faceswap, everything would be perfectly matched, but usually things are perfect

These are some of my thoughts:

-Facial shape
Personally my preferences have found that the face shape is moderately important, but it matter significantly more if the model isn't completely trained/still kind of blurry. (Idk why it changes depending on how trained the model is, probably because if the model isn't looking perfect, its easier to notice flaws like the face shape, and if the model is looking perfect, its easier to get sucked into the face and not notice the imperfect faceshape)
I've found that generally the three main ways of "Damn the model is great but the face shape is wrong and it looks weird" tend to manifest, is in the forms of 1. Chin -Should the swap have a sharp point chin or a rounded flat, 2. Cheeks - if hey have to much or they have the well defined jawbones, 3. Forehead -if the swap will have to much or too little (although girls with bangs or hair over there face/head can get away with this one easily)

-Hair color
From my experience, Hair color doesn't need to be accurate as long as its not radically difficult, and radically different means making a blonde into a brunette or vice versa. And unlike facial shape, this didn't seem to change regardless of how trained the model was.

-Hair style
Now this one surprisingly seemed to matter a lot. For some reason it just seems off if the hair style is different. Obviously faceswapping a clean cut guy onto someone with a mohawk will make it feel weird, but the really crazy hairstyle weirdness I found was actually on a girl with short hair. This girl always had hair that covered both edges of her cheeks, eyes, eyebrows on the outer edges (probably because she thought her face was fat and was hiding it) And I always saw it that way and imagined her that way. Well in my swap, the swapped girl would like to push her hair back behind her head and ears, and you could see the outer edges of her face when that happened, and even though the model was trained well, it would always look weird and off when it happened. Probably because I wasn't used to ever seeing the short haired girl's outer face.

-Body Height and weight
This never seemed to really be an issue unless the swapped person was radically different from the original. and even when something like the height difference was noticeable, you could ignore if you wanted to by just staring at their face.

-Small facial scars, freckles, etc
Technically this doesn't belong on the list because these are things you can control and swap over on to your new face, but often being small and such finely detailed, Its usually very hard to do so and they are at the very very end of training. As a result, it was common for them to not be in my final swapped conversion, even if the source model data had them, and there absence didn't bother me.

-Something seemingly inconspicuous, but actually added a lot of realism.
Once again this is something you can control and will swap over assuming you have high quality data, but I was surprised how much exact replica teeth added to the believability. While faceswapping this one guy with pronounced K9's, if it would have just gave him a regular pair of teeth it probably wouldn't have affected the swap in a negative way. But since it swapped the exact proper teeth, the enlarged K9's he had, it made it so much better and I was shocked by that something so small added so much.
So what are the community's thoughts? What things, if wrong bother you, and what things don't?