Artificial Face

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Artificial Face

Post by rbork »

I'd like to obfuscate my body by swapping out my face with something realistic but completely artificial, like a generated face from I'm only a couple days into learning so please bear with my limited understanding.

Am I correct in assuming that faceswap works by building a 3d model from many source images from multiple angles? If so, would a generated 3d model of an artifical face work for my purposes? I'm thinking taking a source image from thispersondoesnotexist, running it through some software like facegen and then exporting a lot of images from multiple angles of the 3d model to use as my source face.

Is there a better way to go about this?

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Re: Artificial Face

Post by bryanlyon »

Faceswap does not do anything in 3d. Faceswap works by training an AI to know what a face looks like from various angles and expressions.

This Person Does not exist is only capable of generating a single image of a face and can't be used for Faceswap since Faceswap needs many images from many angles to generate an understanding of the faces.

You might want to check out First Order Model instead. It is limited and not the best quality but may help you get what you're looking for.