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Faceswap - Marketing not done enough

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2021 9:03 am
by ugramund

First of all I want to thank all the people who supported in making of this great open source GUI based software.
Many non technical people like me can't even think of working in command prompt window.

But I think not enough marketing or proper marketing was done to make this software popular.

I know one main reason for the success of DFL is the viral videos of celebrities that we are not allowed to talk about in this forum but these viral videos also showcased their awesome swaps.

I am not saying that we should also do the same thing but even when I visit the DFL website, their front page showcases some swapped images & names of the YouTubers who use them.

But no such swapped image examples are seen on Faceswap website front page. I think developers of Faceswap should now dedicate a week or something to create 2-3 awesome swap videos which as examples can be shared on Faceswap website front page.

Also when I search on YouTube about faceswap, 90% results displayed are of DFL. It would be good if our Faceswap developers can create an official Faceswap YouTube channel, where the videos made by developers & other members of the forum can be showcased.

As a normal user who doesn't know anything about softwares, when I search for a swapping software, one thing I will always want to see before trying a software is the resultant output video. But I'm sorry to say there is almost no videos when it comes to finding Faceswap videos on YouTube & Twitter. Actually I would have loved if our Faceswap developers made sample swap videos just of 20 seconds length for every Model of Faceswap on an official YouTube channel. If I can see true awesome swap examples on YouTube & Twitter then not only will I share it but it will also motivate me to use it.

Unfortunately, whenever I search for different faceswap model example videos, I get only one result which leads to a topic on this forum of different model examples & nothing else.

My friends ask me they want to use faceswap but they have never seen any example swap videos & in case of DFL they show me 1000s of celebrity videos with the latest addition being the Tom cruise tiktok video.

The tiktok Tom Cruise videos have motivated them so much that they are ready to work on less GUI friendly DFL instead of using Faceswap because they have not seen any example swap video or great swap video made in Faceswap.

I am out of both time & money otherwise I would have tried my best to create at least one good swap video example.

I therefore request our Faceswap developers that if they have little time, then please make some great swap videos & showcase them on Faceswap website.

Also please make an official YouTube channel where we can upload swap videos made by our developers & forum members based on different models so that if someone searches for faceswap videos, they can have some videos to look.

Once again thank you to all Faceswap developers.

Re: Faceswap - Marketing not done enough

Posted: Sat Mar 06, 2021 4:02 pm
by torzdf

I'm all for people using our software and publishing stuff. Ultimately people will use what they want to use.

Why do we not do marketing? Because like Development, Support, Documentation and everything else involved with this project, my budget is zero, and I have only so many hours in the day to work on this as I have to make an actual living.

This is exactly the kind of thing that the community could do and contribute with, rather than waiting for an unpaid dev with little time available to address.

Re: Faceswap - Marketing not done enough

Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2021 1:15 am
by ugramund

Thank you for the reply.
I just want to make it clear that I was not complaining but was little sad that there are very few swap videos on YouTube based on faceswap.

I have now decided that in future when I will have the basic hardware resources for model training, I will make good swap videos to the level I can & make a dedicated YouTube channel for it showcasing different swap videos based on different Models of faceswap.

But still I would request you to make an official YouTube channel to showcase some of the best videos made on faceswap.

And like me, I think there will me many people who would like to see at least one swap video made by our faceswap developer.

So it is my humble REQUEST that in future when you have got TIME please make one awesome swap video so that it will motivate many more people.

Also when I will begin to make a stable earnings, I will donate to help this community in small ways I can.

Thank you.