Faceswaps are blurry, With pictures?

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Faceswaps are blurry, With pictures?

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Ive been Starting to Train With deepfacelab and recently i just wanted to swap the Same Face to different pictures. Data_src has around 1500 faces but data_dst only one because its a picture. Do i really have to Train for several Hours to get a good Quality picture? After 18k its still pretty blurry so just photoshopping the Face would be so much faster. I dont Want to take 6hours of Training for one picture, isnt there a way to get Less Blurry faces? Because as mentioned photoshop would be so much faster and Not Blurry but i cant do That.

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Re: Faceswaps are blurry, With pictures?

Post by torzdf »

Firstly, this is the forum for Faceswap, not DFL, so you will get no support for DFL here.

Secondly, yes, it takes a long time. For quick single image face swaps, then photoshop is undoubtedly the better solution,

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