saving individual frames from manual

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saving individual frames from manual

Post by MaxHunter »

I was re-reading the workflow tutorials to see what's been edited, and it occured to me when talking about extracting training sets that a an individual save tool/button would be most helpful. Unless there is already a way to do this I've missed, is there a way to save individual frames after I review and adjust in the manual setting? It would allow me to review in real time and save "perfect" frames. Extracting every n'th frame leaves this process up to the program, and sometimes the 23rd frame is a better option than the 24th frame.

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Re: saving individual frames from manual

Post by torzdf »

No. It is purely a numbers thing. I doubt I would implement anything like this, because if you're at the point of reviewing every single frame, then you might as well review every single face. At which point, you're manually going through everything anyway, so could build your training set that way.

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