Detecting Politician's case

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Detecting Politician's case

Post by kcmf »


I am a project manager working for a public fact-checking project. Recently I have received three video clips on YouTube, created or uploaded via one religious organization.

They argue that those famous public figures sent video greetings for their annual event, but many people doubt it.

Would you mind checking the video clips and analyze whether the videos and audios are created with deepfake technology?

S.K Chung, a former PM of S.Korea

Mike Pence, a former vice president of U.S

Donald Trump, a former president of U.S

Thank you very much.

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Re: Detecting Politician's case

Post by torzdf »

Moved to AI as this seemed a better place for it.

This isn't something I will have time to do, but maybe someone will reply if they have interest in this project.

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Re: Detecting Politician's case

Post by bryanlyon »

I did a quick glance and didn't see anything overt. Except that each person has their own voice spoken over by the translators. I would believe that it's more likely that they were genuine speeches on other topics that were being falsely attributed to the conference than a deepfake.

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