[SOLVED] GPU usage is only 2%

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[SOLVED] GPU usage is only 2%

Post by Newbiegerm »

Hello @faceswap.

I am new on faceswap and swapped some hours yesterday and today as my new videocard has arrived.
Former card was a GTX 1060, I now own a RTX 2060-super. In comparison, I am getting much more Iterations in the same time now when I am training, but I am wondering, why my GPU usage ist so low.

System specifications:
MSi 350 gaming plus
AMD Ryzen 5 3600
32 Gb RAM
Windows 10 pro, 64-bit
RTX 2060 super wit Nvidia driver 456.71 / 2020-09-30
3 SSDs

Here is what I mean. Can somebody explain that to me?

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Re: GPU usage is only 2%

Post by abigflea »

Other have reported windows doesn't report CUDA usage well.
I believe you can change what being monitored somewhere, but its not super important.
Edit: where it says 3D, copy, encode...ect....you can change those.
Other monitoring like gpuz or afterburner will show its working :-)

:o I dunno what I'm doing :shock:
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Re: GPU usage is only 2%

Post by BrokenClock »

That's correct. I thought I was running though my CPU not my GPU as well. Where it says '3D' there should be a drop down arrow. Click that and switch it to 'Cuda' That will show your actual GPU processing.

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