Intel Neural Compute Stick 2

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Intel Neural Compute Stick 2

Post by griff30 »

Does this software work with Intel Neural Compute Stick 2?
I ordered one recently to work with AI and the NCS2 works with TensorFlow. Just wondering if it might speed things up or make the finished work look better.
I'll be using it with a GTX 1070, AMD 2700 8 core and Windows 10.

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Re: Intel Neural Compute Stick 2

Post by bryanlyon »

No, for 2 reasons.

First, the NCS is only capable of inference, not training.

Second, the NCS is meant for low power situations and while it's great at those, at 5 watts it cannot compete with your GPU. A 1070 is several orders of magnitude faster than the Myriad X in the NCS2.

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