Hardware Critique Request/Recommendation

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Hardware Critique Request/Recommendation

Post by Gvp702 »

Hello, I've been training models for a couple of years on my

ASUS ZEN ZN242G 23.8" FHD AiO TOUCH INTEL i7-8750H 16GB 1TB + 128GB SSD GTX 1050

And find it takes forever (as in multiple months) to get a somewhat clear but inconsistent faceswap on my models and "finished" videos clips.

Is this computer just not up to the task? Do you have any recommendations on whether or not this computer should even be used in the faceswap process? Should I try to upgrade whichever cards I can within it or should I just replace the entire machine?

I'm not rich so I can't really afford $5k processers but want something that will overall improve my faceswap experience.

I'd prefer a laptop for portability but desktops are ok too if it means that the performance is up to the task.

Any suggestions for me would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Hardware Critique Request/Recommendation

Post by bryanlyon »

So the biggest drawback in your system (and the most important part for any AI work) is the GPU. Your 1050 isn't bad by any means, but you're lacking tensor cores that really speed up the AI process.

Upgrading your GPU to a newer card will benefit you more than it's benefit someone using it just for games. The 20xx, 30xx and 40xx GPUs all have tensor cores for better speed while training.

If you're wanting to keep a laptop that does limit your upgrade options, but a 60 series GPU in a laptop isn't a huge cost and 3060 laptops are on sale for good prices right now because the 40xx series just came out.

That's really what is recommended, a 3060 laptop on a good solid sale should be a great solution to speed up your FaceSwaps without breaking the bank.

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