Google colab, are there alternatives?

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Google colab, are there alternatives?

Post by Bolos »

Hello everyone,

First of all, a huge thank you for all the patience and great advice from this forum's members!

I checked, but hope i'm not doubling a topic.

My question is, since colab is a great tool but seems like it's getting harder to get GPU avaibility. Is there an alternative to it?

I heard google has Kaggle, but it doesn't work exactly tthe same way...? I don't speak coding language, so i may bring some stupid questions... And to worsen my case, i'm stuck with stupid ass mac at home. So to have a fairly acceptable speed for training i'm looking to all alternatives besides buying a dedicated desktop (i think i might resign to it anyways, thanks for the hardware topic by the way)

I know the advice of creating two collab accounts, it's more to know if there could be other possibilities at the reach of a noob. :)

Thanks again.