Manual Tool - Alignment landmarks for obsured features

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Manual Tool - Alignment landmarks for obsured features

Post by Fubared »


My first question of How accurate do you need to make any manual changes to alignmnets? Is partly answered by this post viewtopic.php?p=982#p982

just want to make sure that the "lines" as you say (really, the alignment landmarks) are in roughly the right place.

But how is it best to deal with faces that are partly turned, so for example when one eye is only partly visible behind the nose. I've noticed the eye landmarks (specifically the landmark for the inner corner of the eye that is hidden) is over layed across the nose. Should this landmark be moved to sit on only what is visible, so stop at the bridge of the nose, or be left "over" the nose, to show where the corner of the eye is in the real world, even is not visible in the picture?

Seconldy, I understand side on faces are not ideal. But how should you deal with alignments when a whole section or feature of the face is not visible due to the angle or is partly obscured. Should the landmark be placed where that feature would be, even if it is not visible on the face you are working with? If not how do you deal with those landmarks?


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Re: Manual Tool - Alignment landmarks for obsured features

Post by bryanlyon »

It really doesn't matter. As long as the face is "aligned" properly, I tend to ignore any alignments that are off. They're used for things like eye weighting though so you might want to put them all approximately where they belong.

In the end, they're MOSTLY used for alignments, and that's what really matters. As long as the face is aligned, I don't worry about the specific landmarks.