[Tip] Facial Structure: Choosing faces that match

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[Tip] Facial Structure: Choosing faces that match

Post by abigflea »

When you start getting ideas for an awesome swap , one of the factors to keep in mind is differing facial structures.
Big chins to little chins, beards, eye glasses, eyebrows, all come into play.
When they are to different you may not be able to achieve a great swap without getting really down and dirty with other software. Davinci Resolve or Adobe products to manually correct what FaceSwap isn't going to do well.
I've made 2 examples staring ME to show you.
Disclaimer: I did not spend weeks making them absolutely good as possible.
Just good enough, without using 3rd party software, to give you a example.

First, I chose Chris Hemsworth. We have both squinty eyes, some degree of scruffy beard and a big forehead.

Then I chose a nice Chinese lady that does ASMR. We look completely different, very different facial structure.
This disturbing monstrosity is to show you worst case scenario..

Even my crooked teeth swapped over, but no amount of training is going to make that look right.

in conclusion, you might have a great idea for a swap, just beware of extreme structural differences.

:o I dunno what I'm doing :shock:
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