How is VRAM distributed during Extraction?

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How is VRAM distributed during Extraction?

Post by mat426 »

I'm planning on swapping multiple videos that are 20-30 minutes long and 25 fps. It's always one face in the video and its mostly frontal. Whats the best approach to settings for the Extraction of the Alignmentfiles for Conversion? (RTX 4090 24gb)

Does it make sense cranking the batchsizes up and running in Singleprocess or cut the videos in smaller parts and running them one by one?
I´ve tested some different approaches already but the speed changes randomly from 12 it/s to 2 it/s and everything slows down even more when reaching the 90% completion range.

How exactly is the Vram used during this process so i can get it done the fastest way?

Thank you.

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Re: How is VRAM distributed during Extraction?

Post by torzdf »

Honestly, at extract, the biggest bottleneck is likely to be the CPU processing (aligning the face, saving to disk, etc. etc.) rather than GPU. I doubt you would get much speed up, if any, increasing the batch size.

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