Manual aligments and mask creations.

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Manual aligments and mask creations.

Post by tokafondo »

Hi. After several tries of aligments and masks creation, I'd like to ask if is there any way to manually create any of them.

I mean:

  • Aligments: have some kind of tool box where you take from the basic aligments shapes (eyes, nose, eyebrows, mouth and jaw) and put them over a frame, always with the point at fixed distances between them, so you can build those hard to detect faces.

  • Masks: have somekind of draw tool where you could select the right part of the frame that you want the swap applied, manually, so you could have the swap done only on the mask, and leave the rest of the frame untouched.

I'd like to have the time and experience to create this, but I'm not a programmer at all...

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Re: Manual aligments and mask creations.

Post by torzdf »

The Manual Tool is kind of at "end of life". We have plans to completely overhaul it for something a bit more user friendly and customizable, and also add in "mask editing" as part of this. It is a big project though, as it will require creating an entire GUI for it.

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