3 advices: They worked for me.

Installing and setting up FaceSwap

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3 advices: They worked for me.

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1) If you can, you should really consider using Linux. I installed MINT on a ridiculously small (250 Gb) Hdd and it is very easy to configure. I am still trying to install the last version of Faceswap on WIN 10... but It keeps on downloading corrupted files and doing any kind of oddities. Running Linux, you can still keep the graphics files on your WIN partition/disk (even if you'll loose some access speed)

2) On the Linux Faceswap installer: at a certain point you'll get a WARNING saying that you should update your version of CONDA.
I did it! Pressed CTRL-C and updated, then I resumed the install.

3) If you are using wireless, consider connecting a temporary cable to your router. The transfer will be faster and a lot more stable.

Thanks to everyone.