Ideal Loss values and trouble training certain faces.

Training your model
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Ideal Loss values and trouble training certain faces.

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What are the ideal loss values for getting a good result? I typically only get results when looking for answers on the forums that use DFL so I'm curious to what if any difference there is with Faceswap rather than DFL. I'm currently training Dlight and have been for about a week non stop and the results are less than great. I have perfectly cleaned facesets, multiple angles and lighting with varied facial expressions (about 5000 faces each) and the loss won't dip below 2.125 nor will the finer details come out. it appears that the lur is affecting the overall face rather than certain features, with some faces looking particularly bad despite them having nearly and identical expression and position to another which looks much more clear. any help would be appreciated. I am using Dlight with the extended mask at 128pxwith optimizer setting checked.