Is this training going well?

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Is this training going well?

Post by raven_soul »

I started using the dfaker trainer, and I'm getting this message. The preview hasn't been shown, neither the analysis. What am I doing wrong? Or is it wrong by chance?

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Setting Faceswap backend to CPU
03/22/2024 22:27:54 INFO     Log level set to: INFO
03/22/2024 22:27:59 INFO     Model A Directory: 'E:\asoe\ face a' (973 images)
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO     Model B Directory: 'E:\asoe\face b' (1098 images)
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO     Training data directory: E:\asoe\kfs\model
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO     ===================================================
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO       Starting
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO     ===================================================
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO     Loading data, this may take a while...
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO     Loading Model from Dfaker plugin...
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO     No existing state file found. Generating.
03/22/2024 22:28:00 WARNING  Mixed precision compatibility check (mixed_float16): WARNING
The dtype policy mixed_float16 may run slowly because this machine does not have a GPU. Only Nvidia GPUs with compute capability of at least 7.0 run quickly with mixed_float16.
If you will use compatible GPU(s) not attached to this host, e.g. by running a multi-worker model, you can ignore this warning. This message will only be logged once
03/22/2024 22:28:00 INFO     Enabling Mixed Precision Training.
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Re: Is this training going well?

Post by torzdf »

My word is final

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