question: I Ttride to do like a custom LowMem plugin /

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question: I Ttride to do like a custom LowMem plugin /

Post by Judasan » Wed Mar 04, 2020 12:41 pm

I Ttride to do like a custom LowMem plugin
and I changed The contents of: Plugins / Model_Original /
I changed the content because my video card "GTX1650" only with 4 GB memory and the model crashed.
And what I've changed is only the values ​​1024 to 768 in both places marked in blue.
From 1024 to 768, in two places and I want to know if its okay?

The original content is:

# Based on the original code sample + contribs

from keras.models import Model as KerasModel
from keras.layers import Input, Dense, Flatten, Reshape
from keras.layers.advanced_activations import LeakyReLU
from keras.layers.convolutional import Conv2D
from keras.optimizers import Adam

from .AutoEncoder import AutoEncoder
from lib.PixelShuffler import PixelShuffler

from keras.utils import multi_gpu_model

IMAGE_SHAPE = (64, 64, 3)
ENCODER_DIM = 1024 - to 768
class Model(AutoEncoder):
def initModel(self):
optimizer = Adam(lr=5e-5, beta_1=0.5, beta_2=0.999)
x = Input(shape=IMAGE_SHAPE)

self.autoencoder_A = KerasModel(x, self.decoder_A(self.encoder(x)))
self.autoencoder_B = KerasModel(x, self.decoder_B(self.encoder(x)))

if self.gpus > 1:
self.autoencoder_A = multi_gpu_model( self.autoencoder_A , self.gpus)
self.autoencoder_B = multi_gpu_model( self.autoencoder_B , self.gpus)

self.autoencoder_A.compile(optimizer=optimizer, loss='mean_absolute_error')
self.autoencoder_B.compile(optimizer=optimizer, loss='mean_absolute_error')

def converter(self, swap):
autoencoder = self.autoencoder_B if not swap else self.autoencoder_A
return lambda img: autoencoder.predict(img)

def conv(self, filters):
def block(x):
x = Conv2D(filters, kernel_size=5, strides=2, padding='same')(x)
x = LeakyReLU(0.1)(x)
return x
return block

def upscale(self, filters):
def block(x):
x = Conv2D(filters * 4, kernel_size=3, padding='same')(x)
x = LeakyReLU(0.1)(x)
x = PixelShuffler()(x)
return x
return block

def Encoder(self):
input_ = Input(shape=IMAGE_SHAPE)
x = input_
x = self.conv(128)(x)
x = self.conv(256)(x)
x = self.conv(512)(x)
x = self.conv(1024)(x) - to 768
x = Dense(ENCODER_DIM)(Flatten()(x))
x = Dense(4 * 4 * 1024)(x)
x = Reshape((4, 4, 1024))(x)
x = self.upscale(512)(x)
return KerasModel(input_, x)

def Decoder(self):
input_ = Input(shape=(8, 8, 512))
x = input_
x = self.upscale(256)(x)
x = self.upscale(128)(x)
x = self.upscale(64)(x)
x = Conv2D(3, kernel_size=5, padding='same', activation='sigmoid')(x)
return KerasModel(input_, x)


I did it because I want to get as much quality as I can with my gpu.

doing a Training with a batch size - 6, it works fine, I will update below how the video quality came out ...


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Re: question: I Ttride to do like a custom LowMem plugin /

Post by deephomage » Wed Mar 04, 2020 1:29 pm

Read the training guide: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=146. It's not recommended that you edit the model files or reduce the autoencoder dims. The Original model has a lowmem option for VRAM limited GPUs. Use the lowmem option. Also, try reducing your batch size and closing all other programs when training a model.

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