Manual Tool update?

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Manual Tool update?

Post by SiegeLeech »

It's hard to tell from the forum but I'm not seeing any announcements or updates of the Manual Tool since March/April. Is it still in Patrno-beta or is it available publicly now? If available, I'm not seeing it in my current version of Faceswap. The guides refer to the old Manual Tool and it's hard to follow when the Manual tab isn't on Faceswap.

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Re: Manual Tool update?

Post by torzdf »

Manual Tool has been in the main release for quite some time....

I believe we have had a major upgrade since it has been released, and it looks like you must be running quite an old version.

Unfortunately you can't do a straight update to Faceswap 2.0, so you should grab the latest version and re-install: ... tag/v2.0.0

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