FaceSwap Conversion Process Stuck at 50% Completion

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FaceSwap Conversion Process Stuck at 50% Completion

Post by jack199x »

Hey everyone,
I've been using FaceSwap, but I keep encountering an error during the conversion process. Specifically, when I try to convert, it gets stuck at 50% completion and then freezes. I've tried restarting the application and my computer, but the issue persists. Does anyone have any advice or troubleshooting steps to help resolve this?

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Re: FaceSwap Conversion Process Stuck at 50% Completion

Post by torzdf »

Most likely there is a problem with the video file, but there may be something else silently falling.

In the first instance, could you set Log Level to TRACE and run convert until the point that it gets stuck. Wait for 30 seconds or so and kill the process. The provide the file faceswap.log from your faceswap folder. Note: The file is likely to be huge, so you will probably need to put it on pastebin, or similar.

Remember to set Log Level back to INFO once you are done because trace logging slows the whole process down and generates massive log files.

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