Conversion problem

Converting source frames into swapped frames
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Conversion problem

Post by dreamsafterdeath »

Hi all,

I cannot seem to convert my video.

What happens:

When I hit Convert, the starts running and it says it is counting frames. It counts around 2500. (It is strange because the video has around 80k frames). Then the swapping starts and the preview shows kind of the original pictures without swaps. Being more precise only around every 5th picture is swapped.

How I've got here.

I had an A video and a B video. I extracted faces from both. Then I copied a given amount of faces from both to different directories and I trained a model. The results are still not perfect but I wanted to see how it looks in a video.

After the failure, I immediately thought that my alignment does not contain everything. I've re-read everything in the guides and thought the problem is with my alignment files. So I regenerated the VIDEO A alignment file by exporting out everything again. The resulted alignment file is much bigger than the previous one, so I have given it another run. But unfortunately, the results are the same. I even deleted the old alignment files. I tried it both setting the path of the alignment file and not setting it.

I also tried to copy the new alignment file to another directory and I used the alignment tool to remove faces from it which are not in my training A face directory. The resulted alignment file is much smaller now than the original big for all the faces. Then I tried to continue the training. It worked. Then I tried to repeat the conversion with the "updated" model in hope of something has changed - but I get the same result.

Where should be the problem and how could I fix it?

Many Thanks!

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Re: Conversion problem

Post by deephomage »

I would suggest that you use a 1 to 2-minute destination clip, not attempt to convert 80,000 frames.

If only the fifth frame of the destination clip is converted, it sounds like something went awry during the extraction process. You need to extract every face in the destination clip and remove the unwanted faces. If you manually align any of the extracted faces, you need to re-extract all the faces using the Extract option under the Alignments tab, so that the manually-aligned faces are included in the updated alignments.fsa.

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Re: Conversion problem

Post by sethcoast »

I'm having the same issue with "counting frames" being much less than my actual number of frames. Did you ever figure this problem out?

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Re: Conversion problem

Post by torzdf »

Videos files come in many shapes and sizes. Some software encodes videos better than others. Some completely ignore the "rules".

For most players/editing software this doesn't matter. For Faceswap it is crucial as we need 100% frame accuracy.

If you are having this kind of issue, you should either re-encode the video, or look to extract the individual frames from the video and process from those.
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