Please make a convert guide !

Converting source frames into swapped frames
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Please make a convert guide !

Post by Hades » Sat Apr 04, 2020 4:10 pm

Hi Guys

I can`t get my head around this convert thingy. I dont know where to put wich file or folder. I just wanted to convert after around 60000 iterations to check the quality. I was just getting "no alignment found for data_dst_003602.png, skipping" Unfortunatly with all the back and forth and messing with files to solve this i messed up my training also. So now i can start again with training. That sucks. Or maybe you can update the hints in the GUI to make it easier ... yeah i know i am not the brightest

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Re: Please make a convert guide !

Post by abigflea » Sun Apr 05, 2020 12:58 am

I think I know what you did.
so you train your model.
Then you want to apply that model to a video...

You (currently)have to extract the alignments for every frame in the video. Extract Every N = 1. That generated alignments file is the one you need to give to the convert process.
Then you need to clean that alignments file, about same as in the guide for extracting training sets but every frame (read the guide again).
Delete all the faces you don't want to try and convert, other actors, random pieces of wood the detector saw a face in, for example. Then delete faces (once again, as the guide shows you)and clean up the alignments file..
Beware , long videos make for lots of alignments and 1000's of extracted faces.

If the preview window looks OK, and Tools ->preview, THEN Ill make a couple 10-12 sec clips, and convert those to get a real good preview before I do the final.

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