Gift for co-worker WW

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Gift for co-worker WW

Post by abigflea »

Made this for my coworkers birthday.
It really looks like her. Uncanny in some frames.

DFL-SAE : tweaked some settings to run a lil better with my limited hardware.
65K iterations
128 x 128 samples. about 3000 for her, 2000ish of Gal G. from various movies.
"coverage": 65.54,
"mask_type": "extended",
"mask_blur_kernel": 3,
"mask_threshold": 4,
"learn_mask": false,
"icnr_init": false,
"conv_aware_init": false,
"subpixel_upscaling": false,
"reflect_padding": false,
"penalized_mask_loss": true,
"loss_function": "mae",
"learning_rate": 5e-05,
"input_size": 128,
"clipnorm": true,
"architecture": "df",
"autoencoder_dims": 192,
"encoder_dims": 38,
"decoder_dims": 23,
"multiscale_decoder": true

:o I dunno what I'm doing :shock:
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