Only got images after convert

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Only got images after convert

Post by ParanoidAndroid »

Using the GUI, I followed the 3 guides. So I :

  • extracted images from video 1 (the one I want to take the faces)

  • extracted images from video 2 (the one where I want to swap the face with the ones from video 1)

  • trained the model for like 3 days


The problem is that I only get image files instead of a video file in my output folder. I put the video 2 path in "Input Dir", an empty folder path in "Output Dir" and the path to my model in "Model Dir". Other fields are empty. All settings stayed to their default values. What did I get wrong?

by torzdf » Wed Nov 16, 2022 10:14 am

Covered in the Convert Guide.

Use the ffmpeg plugin

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Re: Only got images after convert

Post by torzdf »

Covered in the Convert Guide.

Use the ffmpeg plugin

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