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conversion problem

Post by damafon13 »

the dlight module, it is not possible to convert in order to see the learning result. What could be the problem ? here is the link to the error ... sp=sharing

Using TensorFlow backend.

02/01/2023 01:12:20 INFO Reading alignments from: 'E:\Dima2\deepfake_3\2_twg_mr_alignments.fsa'
02/01/2023 01:12:24 ERROR Got Exception on main handler:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "E:\faceswap\lib\cli\", line 154, in execute_script
process = script(arguments)
File "E:\faceswap\scripts\", line 56, in init
self.alignments = Alignments(self.args, False, self.images.is_video)
File "E:\faceswap\scripts\", line 71, in init
super().init(folder, filename=filename)
File "E:\faceswap\lib\", line 42, in init
File "E:\faceswap\lib\", line 563, in update_legacy
if self.
File "E:\faceswap\lib\", line 662, in has_legacy_landmarksxy
for val in self.
File "E:\faceswap\lib\", line 663, in <genexpr>
for alignment in val["faces"]
KeyError: 'faces'

Process exited.
02/01/2023 01:12:24 CRITICAL An unexpected crash has occurred. Crash report written to 'E:\faceswap\crash_report.2023.02.01.011221004978.log'. You MUST provide this file if seeking assistance. Please verify you are running the latest version of faceswap before reporting

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Re: conversion problem

Post by torzdf »

You are using the legacy 1.0 version of Faceswap. I assume this is an accident on your part, and you are trying to run convert on an alignments file created with a more recent version of Faceswap.

Either way, with your GPU, there is no reason to use version 1.0, and it is entirely unsupported.

Uninstall Faceswap(app.php/faqpage#f1r1) and install the latest version from here:

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