DFL-sae not working with RTX3070?

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DFL-sae not working with RTX3070?

Post by dafassi »

Hello there. I have a question .
Using 2 pcs
A) Intel cpu + rtx3070ti + 64GB Ram
B) AMD cpu + rtx3070 + 64GB Ram

While all training models are working with a batch size of 8 on system a)

On system b) sae and villain does not work. Even with a batch size of 2 because out of memory.

Why does that only happen on system b)?

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Re: DFL-sae not working with RTX3070?

Post by torzdf »

Honestly, no idea. they should work the same (as they have the same VRAM), but some kind of overhead appears to be applying to the 3070 card. You can check your VRAM usage prior to training to see if the 2nd system has more VRAM allocated by the OS.

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