Belle Delphine & Henry (MxR Plays)

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Belle Delphine & Henry (MxR Plays)

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So I just recently noticed this part of the forum exists and I wanted to leave something of mine here. )

As a foreword - I had my reasons to do this deepfake and those reasons were not malicious. :D I'm kinda fan of MxR Plays channel. But, well... He's a simp. That bothers me.

Hope I don't get banned for this. Youtube deleted my video even though the original was available without problems. )
There's no nudity per se, but the clip is somewhat explicit... I think?..

I had two iterations of this deepfake.

First one was the second deepfake I made. A bit more than a year ago I think. I was quite inexperienced back than. I still am, but not as much. ) ... &context=3

That was pretty decent for a second deepfake, I think. Had some problems with overall quality. Some body horror (the teeth showing up through the tongue).
I think I used less coverage than default settings. In hopes to kinda change the recognizable part but leave the tongue part out, so it doesn't get changed. The results were... arguable, as you can see in the video.
Or maybe I hoped to improve the quality of the parts I did change this way...
Don't remember the amount of iterations it took. I think maybe something like 25k? Maybe 50k?
Don't remember the trainer either. Dfaker, I think.

Then, quite recently I made a second iteration. ... &context=3

This time I decided to go all in and put all the experience I gained to good use. A better workflow, better mask usage, etc.
And I gained more experience in the process. ) Wish I had that experience in the beginning. )

First of all I upped the resolution from 512 to 768. Honestly, I can't be sure this made anything better, but I like to think it did.
I actually went looking for high quality source material and ended up downloading a torrent with Belle Delphine content. For research. ) Well, for training the model actually, but you know...
Used Villain this time.
1.5m iterations.

Two biggest problems - the tongue and the paint on the face.

The paint was conceptually easy - just had to go through the frames and manually modify the mask to exclude the paint. A lot of time and work, but at least that was obvious and reliable.
Didn't do this with the first iteration, by the way, and the result was disappointing back than. Don't know if there was a better way than doing it manually though.
Actually I had one more problem with the paint. The paint was so bright I couldn't figure out with the preview during training if I missed some frames. So I went asking questions at the forum viewtopic.php?p=8570 and now we can configure the mask color in the training preview. Thanks for that. )

The tongue on the other hand... First I went out of my way the include the tongue in the mask (often manually for some parts of the tongue, iirc). I hoped to train the model that would include the tongue. So that when the conversion happens one tongue gets replaced by the other.
Didn't work.
Well, it kinda worked but in a body horror way. More often than not the tongue looked like it was a lump of skin or something.
So closer to the end of the training process I went and manually changed the mask to exclude to tongue so that it doesn't get changed in the conversion process at all.
I was worried the tongue would seem out of place since it feels like the mouth can move a bit with the conversion (I'm sure nose can). But it worked out fine.

Although you can see a fair amount of flaws in the second iteration I'm satisfied by it.

As a bonus.
My initial idea was to faceswap another video, where both of them were on the screen. And the intent was to switch the faces. Didn't work out too good, so I didn't go all the way back then.

But recently I closed this geshtalt too. ... &context=3

This one had it's own problems.
First of all - Delphine's face doesn't look too good or recognizable on Henry's face. Well, didn't solve that. Have no idea if there is a way. +10m iterations maybe? ) Doubt it. Anyway, up to this day I can't decide if it's even recognizable.
Second - the tongue again.
And the third was the falling skittles. More or less like with the paint in the previous video - manually removed them from the mask.

P.S. Not related to this showcase specifically, but...
Recently I went from 8 Gb of RAM to 64 Gb of RAM.
And the software became a hell lot more stable. The difference is like Heaven and Earth.
It used to sometimes crash when I opened a couple of extra tabs in my browser.
And now it's like... I can start a game and see uncharacteristically low fps, and then understand - "oh, right, I forgot to stop the training" and then go and stop the training without any problems.
Maybe that will prove useful to somebody.

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