Advice on Facial Landmarks, Especially from VFX Professionals

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Advice on Facial Landmarks, Especially from VFX Professionals

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A little background first.

I'm putting together a Proof of Concept for a VR cinema project based on the book of a rock musical I wrote and staged in NY. I realized a practical use of faceswapping can allow me a plethora of options in character look, and manipulation when needed without spending a fortune - especially since this is just test footage.

Though I have a great high end rig, I'm still learning.

My question is on Facial editing and landmarks.

It's obvious points 37, 40, 43,46,49,55,61, and 65 go in the corners of eyes and mouth. What about the other landmarks?

I've read that 1-17 is the jaw line, but is it? Or is it the outline of the face to swap? If the model you're swapping has their head turned slightly they are two very different points to mark.

And the nose. Should point 28 be on the axis of the pupils (as I read in my research, images are aligned to the pupils of the eyes to give reference to the rest of the face.). If this is the case then it would make sense point 28 should be the bridge of the nose between the pupils. But often it's located noticably below that point. Does it even matter?

Finally, point 32-36 is obviously the width of the nose, but often the width is slimmer than I would guess should be. In my mind the points should be the beginning of the nose (32), the end of nostril (33), the middle cartilage (34), the beginning of the next nostril (35), and finally the opposite end of nose (36).

After editing some test video, realizing how long it takes to edit the faces, and then waiting the time it takes to convert, Im sure you can understand why I'd rather ask than continue down the trial and error path. 😆

Any help would be appreciated especially if you're a VFX person or also working in VR.

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