can't run two processes simultaneously

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can't run two processes simultaneously

Post by korrupt78 »

Just got a fancy new 3060 w/12GB RAM, and everything's working fine - but I can't do two things at the same time.

If I run a training process, then (in another tab) start the GUI to work on cleaning up some alignment files (Tools -> Manual), the second task crashes with tensorflow.python.framework.errors_impl.ResourceExhaustedError.

If I do the opposite - start the GUI work first, then start training job via CLI - same thing. The second task I start fails to run.

Is this normal? Am I only supposed to have one thing using my CUDA cores at a time?

I tried playing with the more obvious options in config/*.ini, like allow_growth and convert_batchsize, but it made no difference.

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Re: can't run two processes simultaneously

Post by torzdf »

It is doable, it's not straightforward though as Tensorflow likes to reserve all the VRAM it can find.

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Re: can't run two processes simultaneously

Post by PooOnBirbs »

I also wanted to train while I Tools>Manual cleaned alignments (the .FSA file). I attempted to run 2 instances of FaceSwap. This obviously didn't work.
Next I created a new dummy user profile, installed FaceSwap under that, started training, and then returned to my main account to finish cleaning the FSA (FaceSwap was open and running during the install to the dummy account). This seemed to work fine until it didn't. Somehow the directory pointers (environment variables?) bled over from the other account into my main account. If I remember correctly - this only happened after a restart/reboot. I actually ended up having to reinstall FaceSwap on my main account just to get the directories (again, environment variables?) straightened back out.
I think this way has potential to allow you to have a second instance of FaceSwap even by simply using the "Run as..." feature of Windows... if you can sort out the environment variables issues I ran into.

FaceSwap version updated 26JUN2022

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