Recommended Alignment Accuracy for training

Extracting faces for training and converting
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Recommended Alignment Accuracy for training

Post by SwarmTogether »

I did a test faceswap that came out pretty well, but noticed that sometimes border features were cut in, like the jawline. The original source was automatically extracted/aligned so I thought I'd do another one manually.

Many of the automatic alignments are sloppy:
(see jawline, this one isn't too bad)

I've been correcting them:

But this process is taking a lot of effort.

I have fixed plenty of really bad ones where the face features are randomly jagged - obviously THOSE need touched, but how accurate should the alignments actually be? Are we looking for "reasonable"? Is the automatically aligned picture above good enough?

I'm about a day into what could be a 3 day manual alignment stage just for this model if I continue.

And what about ears? Should the alignment be tight to the cheek and NOT include the ear?

Any suggestions?


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Re: Recommended Alignment Accuracy for training

Post by bryanlyon »

Alignments are really not that important, they're used to get the general face and to make one for of mask, but we're already starting to support much more advanced masks.

The best quality will come from manual composition, not manually tweaking close but not quite perfect alignments.