Dark spots on forehead after converting?

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Dark spots on forehead after converting?

Post by michelinboy »

I am getting these dark spots on the faceswapped forehead for some reason. Any idea why this could be?

I do not think it is because of the hair because both the datasets for A and B have the hair slicked back.

Here is what Im talking about:

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Re: Dark spots on forehead after converting?

Post by torzdf »

That is a hairline and/or data variety issue. If it's the former then you can read more here:

If its the latter, then you need more varied data (example of highly varied data: app.php/faqpage#f3r0)

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Re: Dark spots on forehead after converting?

Post by bryanlyon »

I agree with Torzdf that it's probably a data/variety issue, but I think you might be able to mitigate the issue by experimenting with options in the Preview tool. That lets you try different options for conversion. Some that you might want to look at is the color correction options and the mask adjustments.

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