Which GPU should I get? AMD vs Nvidia?

Talk about Hardware used for Deep Learning
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Which GPU should I get? AMD vs Nvidia?

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Before I start, let me say, Yes. Yes I did see that only like 4 posts ago someone asked something pretty similar. And yes I saw the plaidML graph bryan posted. I guess since Im incredibly inexperienced with computers and all that, I thought I'd ask my very similar question and have double confirmation than potential misunderstanding.
So I currently have a rx580 and I'm looking to upgrade.
The two I'm considering are a Radeon RX 5700 XT
and a GeForce RTX 2060
https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu. ... 60&id=4037
No I remember reading that "nvidia is an order of magnitude better", and the 1060 had almost double the examples per second as the rx580, but on passmark, the average G3D mark was 10.2k for the 1060 versus 8.7k for the rx580.

That all makes sense, but for the options I'm considering, the 5700XT has a G3D mark of 16.7k while the 2060 has a G3D mark of 14.7k. So THE 5700XT has the advantage.
But 2060 is nvidia, so will it still blow the 5700XT out of the water?

Also I plan on VR gaming with it, just something to consider if you have insight on that.
Also if you know of a better card thats under $400 links would be appreciated.

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Re: Which GPU should I get? AMD vs Nvidia?

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When it comes to hardware best practices for machine learning with Faceswap this is the post to read:

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Re: Which GPU should I get? AMD vs Nvidia?

Post by bryanlyon »

The thing with Machine Learning is that software is more important than the hardware specs alone. Nvidia has spent a lot of time (and money) optimizing machine learning for their hardware. AMD cards may be faster in games or in benchmarks, but when it comes to Machine Learning, Nvidia is KING.

That said, right now I wouldn't recommend buying an Nvidia card. Scuttlebutt says that the 30xx series should be announced in the next couple months and we should expect to see both new cards, and the current cards getting discounted.

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