Welcome to the FaceSwap Forums!

This is a SFW only forum. This is pretty much our only rule, but it is a zero tolerance rule. If you're in doubt ask BEFORE you post. This includes asking about software for NSFW purposes.

Please be aware that your first few posts will need to be approved by a Moderator. There will usually be someone around to approve it fairly promptly, but this is in place to protect against spam for all our users.

This is the premium repository for tips and advice for Faceswap and Deepfake technology. Please check the the FAQs before posting a question, because there is a good chance that the information you require will be covered there. We also have numerous guides available for many aspects of the Faceswap process to help you get started and learn the processes involved.

Feel free to look around and say "Hi!" in General Chat. Tech support requests belong in the relevant Support Forum. Come visit us on Discord

Please ensure you're running the latest version of faceswap from https://github.com/deepfakes/faceswap for any support or advice questions, as we cannot reliably support other forks.

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