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by AaronLaw
Wed May 27, 2020 9:29 am
Forum: Training
Topic: Color matching issues leading to visible swap
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Color matching issues leading to visible swap

Dear faceswap: When training a pair of identities, the light and shadow of the face of the subject A are more prominent, and the light of the face of the subject B is more average. After the training, the boundary of the face of the subject B will appear very obvious.
by AaronLaw
Mon May 25, 2020 9:09 am
Forum: Training
Topic: [Tip] Training best practices.
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Re: [Tip] Training best practices.

Dear facewap: Training model, can I do this: For example, I used Nicholas Cage ’s face to replace the footage of Harrison Ford ’s movie; After deep learning, I obtained the training model file, A few days later, I found the lens of another movie of Harrison Ford. Can I use the model I trained before...
by AaronLaw
Mon May 11, 2020 11:44 am
Forum: Extract
Topic: [Guide] Extraction - A Workflow
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Re: [Guide] Extraction - A Workflow

Dear facewap: Thanks to facewap for providing such a magical application, when I learned to extract according to the guide, I found that there are some abnormal situations, I don't know if other friends have encountered: 1. Extract the face in the video, the face in several frames of the picture is ...