How to swap multiple faces ?

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How to swap multiple faces ?

Post by wongca »

Hi i am noob here and would like to know how to swap mulitple faces into multple heads. i.e. 2 persons in 1 fame, face a->b , face c->d.

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Re: How to swap multiple faces ?

Post by torzdf »

In a nutshell....

  1. Create alignments file for the video that you wish to use for the final swap
  2. Run "sort by face" to sort the faces (as per the guide) and clean out all the junk and unrequired faces.
  3. Create a copy of the alignments file + the sorted face folder
  4. Delete the "D" faces from your "B" faces folder. Delete the "B" faces from your "D" folder.
  5. Run "remove-faces" alignments job to create a cleaned alignments file for both your "B" folder and for your "D" copy.

You now have 2 cleaned alignments files for the same video. Once is for the A>B swap and the other for the C>D swap.

At convert:

  1. Run convert once with your A>B Model and A>B alignments file against the original video
  2. Run convert again with your C>D Model and C>D alignments file against the video you created when doing the first swap.

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