Add Iterations Count to Console and File(Suggestion)

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Add Iterations Count to Console and File(Suggestion)

Post by Dan »


I'm pretty new to Faceswap and trying to get the hang of it.
I noticed something that could be VERY helpful if it will be added to a future version:

When Terminate on any of the modes: Extract / Train / Convert ...
If possible to add "Last Iterations number" just before "Process exited" (one line before the last) on the console, it could help a lot.

The reason is mainly for the user to keep tracking, so we know where we stopped last time or just looking at the file .mp4 (after convert for example) and see this:

"VideoFile - 53K.mp4" or "VideoFile - 53724.mp4" in my opinion a round with "K" at the end is enough but VERY helpful. (float vs integer)

In conclusion:
1 - Add exact number of iterations on the Console when click "Terminate" on any mode.
2 - When finished converting also add the number of the last iterations to the file.

I really hope to see this in a future release.
Please consider this feature and keep up the good work!