Segmentation volunteers needed.

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Segmentation volunteers needed.

Post by bryanlyon »

We have the need for some people willing and able to spend some time annotating images. This is non technical and pretty easy work, but it can be time consuming. If you have a spare hour a day you can do a bit of work while listening to TV or whatever we could really use the help with annotating these images.

This work will help faceswap detect the edge of faces and ensure that we get higher quality swaps.

Required skills:

Ability to color inside the lines
Ability to click on things
Knowledge of what a face is

Things that are not required at all:

Coding ability
Any sort of deeply technical ability

This is seriously easy stuff but is strangely fulfilling. I'd say it's most similar to an adult coloring book. You're doing something that takes some focus but it's very zen. It's actually quite enjoyable and relaxing.

If you are willing and able to help please toss me a DM or reply to this message and I'll get you setup.

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Re: Segmentation volunteers needed.

Post by madGANs »

I DM'd you on Discord. I'm down to help.

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Re: Segmentation volunteers needed.

Post by GrandSmuff »

I've got some spare time i can help with.

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Re: Segmentation volunteers needed.

Post by a1-kh »

count me in , I'll try my best to help as much as i can

Best regards

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Re: Segmentation volunteers needed.

Post by Now »

I'll be happy to help !

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