Other cloud computing hosts beside GCE?

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Other cloud computing hosts beside GCE?

Post by oneskinndavey »

Hey All!

Super thankful for all the advice on here - I am testing...a LOT of stuff for some clients - but wanted to harness some cloud services to see how much faster/more efficient they are then our work systems. I currently have 3 workstations (with 2080/2080ti and a 1080ti) with pretty beefy CPUs and a laptop with a 2070. They are cruising along just fine, but I have some tight "testing" periods where a client would like to know feasibility.

I have a google cloud account but didn't realize I need to update a quota for the V100 Teslas - I requested it but have not received the update yet - are there any other reputable/good cloud providers that are as easy/fast to setup as GCE for this kind of stuff?

I have a lot of credits for GCE and the tutorial seems very easy to follow - but I was hoping to test over the weekend and report back by Monday!

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Re: Other cloud computing hosts beside GCE?

Post by bryanlyon »

You can use any cloud computing companies. You definitely want to find one with a GPU. V100 may be excessive and many of the cloud services can be quite protective of their instances with them. I'd recommend looking for a T4 or other lower end card instead if you can. They tend to be easier to get approved and find availability but still provide good speed and power.