Extraction on Google colab

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Extraction on Google colab

Post by aolvera27 »

After two months of training, my poor old Vaio has finally handled 30k iterations. LOL
So I decided to try Google colab, and I got it to work! Thanks to the great advice found on these forums, of course.

Well, now that I'm able to get training on Google colab, I was wondering if it is possible to perform the extraction process as well, since there I don't have (my laptop, I mean) enough free VRAM for parallel processing and that means painful hours to barely get some dozens of faces. I find it odd that this hasn't been discussed - or at least I couldn't find such discussion.

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Re: Extraction on Google colab

Post by torzdf »

It's possible to do any of the Faceswap processes on Google Colab. I don't use it, personally, so can't help you with how, but it shouldn't be too involved.

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