Newbie question, artefacts on converting

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Newbie question, artefacts on converting

Post by Zaroff »


I'm pretty new to all this, and inevitably I'm doing something wrong but don't know what.
I've trained a model (Dfl-sae) which is currently around 60k iterations, batch 8. A and B faces are respectively around 4k and 6k. Alignements for the target video were made with both Vgg-obstructed and Bisenet-FP. Video is generated with Vgg.
But, no matter what I do get the artefacts you see in the example screenshot in the link, at the top of the face only.
Does that mean the model isn't trained enough yet, or I made a blunder somewhere else?
Thanks for any helps.


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Re: Newbie question, artefacts on converting

Post by bryanlyon »

The mask you're using isn't removing the extra hair, I suggest using BiSeNet with the hair disabled to remove that.

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