Issues with converting

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Issues with converting

Post by Chekov »

I recently began training my model early in the morning and woke up to find, irritatingly, that my computer had restarted itself to update. Once I initialized my program and began training again, i chose the most recent model directory update to go from. Now when I go to convert, I get nothing but a duplicate copy of my input directory (source A) video clip. I specified a fresh output directory and provided the location of the alignments file for the source video, as well as checked the radial for ffmpeg. I am wondering if the issue is my model directory, as there are now a multitude of backups that were created for every 25000 iterations.

I should also mention that I mistakenly selected the "original" trainer under the settings box in the convert tab and I cannot deselect it, if this is of any issue.

Did I do something wrong? Am I missing something?

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Re: Issues with converting

Post by bryanlyon »

If your computer shut down while training it may have corrupted the model. Check out the information on app.php/faqpage#f3r6 to restore the last known good model to see if it helps.