Updated guide?

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Updated guide?

Post by oneduality »

Many of the settings aren't in the latest version I just installed today.. such as some of the Masking options, I only have three but the guide shows several more.

It makes the guide fairly confusing.. I do have it running and I just picked one since I had a 1 in 3 chance of it being a good choice..

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Re: Updated guide?

Post by torzdf »

I try to keep the guides up to date, and I certainly do for major changes.

Unfortunately, developing the software, responding to support requests, doing jobs that actually pay me and writing documentation all take a considerable amount of time, so smaller updates sometimes fall through the cracks.

The components and extended masks are now automatically generated during extract, hence their non-appearance in the screenshot. However, the information about them (and the other masks) is still all correct.

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