Extraction to exact input resolution.

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Extraction to exact input resolution.

Post by tokafondo »

When (re)extracting faces before training, a resolution can be set.

Does extraction to the exact resolution the model will be using when training, is different than extracting to a higher resolution?

If the model is set to have input resolution 192x192, will I save time (because of skipping the resize step) or enhance quality (because the source image won't be modified from the original, possibly worsening its quality) if I have my dataset also at that resolution?

Or it's the same, anyway, to have my dataset extracted at 256x256 and have my model set as input resolution something like 160x160 or 192x192?


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Re: Extraction to exact input resolution.

Post by bryanlyon »

No, leave it at the default unless you have a very good reason to change it. See the extract guide on "coverage" if you want an explanation of why.

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Re: Extraction to exact input resolution.

Post by torzdf »

Incidentally, default should now be 512x512.

Unless you are training a model with an insanely high input size, you should leave it as this. The cropping and resizing code for feeding the model is well optimized, so there are no savings to be made here, and you are more likely to get it wrong (thus forcing an upscale) than right, as there are numerous calculations that need to be made to work out the "correct" image size to input into a model.

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