alternate / independent aligments file for side profiles.

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alternate / independent aligments file for side profiles.

Post by tokafondo »

As seen in the extraction guide, the alignments file expects a face to be frontal.


I'd like to know if the models expect the alignment file to always have that structure, or if an independent structure could be created just for side profile faces.

Why? because when extracting faces, the alignment file has troubles assigning points to things that just are not there, like an eyebrow, an eye and half a mouth.

Or..., can the alignments file be modified to delete those points that would be not needed in certain frames?

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Re: alternate / independent aligments file for side profiles.

Post by torzdf »

That's just an illustration of where the landmark points are.

Alignments are stored profile/face on/up/down any which way:


Alignments points cannot be deleted. All are required. You can use the manual tool to adjust individual points/groups of points if you are so inclined.

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