Optimal source for high quality file extraction

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Optimal source for high quality file extraction

Post by Jiyahana »

Hi everyone,
I've been working on extracting files and want to check the highest quality output. I understand that the source quality is crucial, but I'm unsure about the best practices. Could you advise on the ideal sources and formats to use for file extraction and compression to maintain high quality? Specifically, are there any preferred sources or formats that minimize quality loss during the extraction and compression process. I was using Jpeg compressor.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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Re: Optimal source for high quality file extraction

Post by torzdf »

Avoid jpeg compression where you can. If you must compress use lossless (like PNG).

From video sources, bitrate is hugely important. Sites like Youtube crush the bitrate hugely so are not suitable sources for the bulk of a training set.

Avoid HDR content at all costs. HDR content does not train well.

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