Training separated yaw angles.

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Training separated yaw angles.

Post by tokafondo »

There are tools to separate the faces in different yaw angles, placed in different folders.

The more the bins setting, the more folders are created.

I would sort by yaw angle both for A and B, every folder with its own alignments file. And then I would train the same yaw angle folder, the one for A with the corresponding one for B. And I would repeat for every yaw angle folder that would match A and B until I would have all my faces trained.

Would it help for speed, quality, detail... any of these variables, to train those different folders, compared to train all in one folder?


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Re: Training separated yaw angles.

Post by bryanlyon »

Unlikely, it will probably just lead to poorly generalized results as yaw is not the only feature that you care about. What if the best match for the expression is in a different yaw set? You'd be starving the model of data it needed. Your best bet is to keep all the data together but properly cleaned following the extraction guide.