Unbalanced, the way to go.

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Unbalanced, the way to go.

Post by tokafondo »

I wanted to share that I'm getting used to the Unbalanced model. I've tried DFL-SAE, DFL-H128 and Villain.

I let that last one I let to train for >600K iterations with decent quality sources, 128px resolution and cared alignments, and found that up to that point the details were not surfacing. Convert tests always had the results blurred and no improvement at all after ~100K iterations each.

I got tired and started again with unbalanced with 160px resolutions. If I got it right, it will decode to 256px, won't it?? I did a fit training of 50K and now I'm training with the definitive sources and I'm happy with what I'm getting with >56K iterations.

I have a GTX1070 and I don't care about waiting but seeing no real advance is frustrating.

So for me, unbalanced is the way to go.

Thanks for reading.