Looking for good deepfake creator to create content.

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Looking for good deepfake creator to create content.

Post by Alex1127 »

  • Please ensure that you have familiarized yourself with the rules at the top of this page prior to making a request.

  • Please leave the lines that start with ### in place. This is the section header and needs to be displayed along with your responses.

  • You should overwrite the lines that begin with - with your actual response once you have read what is required.

Type of engagement required:

  • looking to engage someone in an "advisory" capacity

Description of work required:

  • want to create content video like interviewing a celebrity regarding the promotion

Creator Involvement:

  • looking for the creator to source all of the materials required for making the final product (including, but not limited to data set gathering and video editing). but if need any resource searching I'll help also.

Client Information:

  • representing a business and looking to engage a creator for a commercial project

Approved budget:

  • currently don't have, but who interest can sent me the quotation also

Approximate time-frame for delivery:

  • hope fully can be done in 2 weeks

Non-Disclosure Agreement:

  • no force to sign, but hopefully the creator won't leak the info

Proof of work required:

  • can share me some pass working video as reference, can create a water mark on the video.

Scope for ongoing work:

  • One-off, we count by 1 video, 1 project

Additional Information

  • who interest can add my telegram: @AlShin9
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Re: Looking for good deepfake creator to create content.

Post by deephomage »

@AlShin9, I don't use Telegram, but you can email me more details at deephomage@gmail.com, and see example videos on YouTube, DeepHomage channel. Please note that I typically work with ad agencies, artists and music video producers. I will not do any adult, Not Safe for Work, political, pro bono, or cryptocurrency related videos, ever, so don't bother to ask.

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